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Guide to Contributors

Manuscripts of no more than 20 pages (40,000 characters for papers) or 10 pages (20,000 characters for reviews) should conform to the general editorial standards:

  1. Please ensure that you are sending us the final and complete manuscript, namely:
  • one electronic copy in either Word format, containing all main text, footnotes and the bibliography,
  • one single-sided hard copy .  It is the responsibility of the authors to ensure that the hard copy exactly matches the electronic version.
  1. Parenthetical citation should be made in the following way: (author’s name and year of publication: page), e.g. (Skubalanka 1988: 11).
  2. Bibliography should by placed at the end of the text according to the following arrangement:
  • for monographs:  author’s last name and the initial of the first name, year of publication, (italicized) title,  place,
  •  for papers in monographs: bibliographic information should include author’s last name and the initial of the first name, year of publication, title. – monograph’s title (italicized), ed.  editor’s initial of the first name and the last name,  place and year of publication,  pages,
  • for papers in journals: author’s last name and the initial of the first name, year of publication, paper’s title, “journal’s title”, vol. (or year, number of publication etc.), pages.
  1. All submissions must be accompanied by:
  • the abstract in English of up to one page (1,500 – 2,000 characters). The abstract should contain a briefing on the purpose of the work, major findings and conclusions and, possibly, a briefing of the methods used. The abstracts in English will also be published in the electronic database “The Central European Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities” (CEJSH),
  • the list of keywords in English.
  1. Contributors are asked to include author’s affiliation and position, place of work address and e-mail address (to be included in Notes on Contributors).
  2. Contributors whose papers, reviews or abstracts are not in their native language are asked to have their papers carefully checked by a native speaker.
  3. As we have decided not to use author’s proof, contributors are kindly requested to prepare their texts with great care, respecting the merits and form. Therefore, please send us only the manuscripts, which are really complete.
  4. Contributors are expected to respect scientific and ethical standards (including the acknowledgements on the subjects contributing to the creation of the publication in respect of its content, preparation and funding, etc.) Any irregularities shall be exposed.
  5. No royalties will be paid to contributors.

Deadlines for contributors

Papers and reviews for the next volume of  “Stylistyka” (XXVI, 2017), dealing with Word and Style,  should be sent by e-mail to styl@uni.opole.pl by 31 October 2016.


“Stylistyka” Review Rules


  • Each text submitted for publication in “Stylistyka” shall be evaluated in respect of its content and form.
  • The preliminary evaluation shall be made by the journal editors. The scientific papers shall be sent to two external reviewers who have a different place of employment than the contributor. The reviewers shall make written reviews for each of the papers.
  • The reviews shall be made in a confidential and reliable way in accordance with ethical principles

(double-blind review). The reviewer names of particular volumes shall be revealed only in an electronic version, but no sooner than the paper version of “Stylistyka” is published. The reviewers are not allowed to use the results of the research presented in the reviewed papers before their publication.

  • The publication of a paper in the journal depends on its reviewers’ recommendations. Reviewers may suggest the following:

– an acceptance of the text as is,

– an acceptance of the text after its author introduces certain corrections, without another review,

– an acceptance of the text for publication after its author introduces certain corrections and the corrected text receives a positive recommendation,

– a rejection of the text for publication.

  • The editor-in-chief of “Stylistyka” shall take the final decision about a qualification of a reviewed text for publication.

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